We are

Fact Check

Our mobile app gives you access to the largest team of dedicated fact checkers on the planet. We provide short digestible fact checks, backed up by thorough evidence-based research to stop the spread of harmful ‘fake news’ online.

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The Logically app is a collection of tools designed to improve the way in which you find and consume news content. Our free app helps you to contextualise the news and see stories and viewpoints from across the political spectrum to burst your filter bubbles and improve civic discourse.

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The more people understand the ways in which information travels online, the safer they will be from the threats of misinformation and ‘fake news’. Because of this Logically is committed to increasing the availability of digital literacy and media literacy resources online.


Misinformation and disinformation can have serious effects on the very democracies in which we live. That’s why Logically partner with governments and initiatives to help put a stop to defend democracy and help put a stop to election misinformation.

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We make custom software that collects and processes boundless amounts of information. Our technology leverages cutting edge AI to contextualise, assess credibility and veracity and give you invaluable intelligence—turning data into insight.

To improve civic discourse

Improve civic discourse and facilitate critical thinking by:

Providing insight into and analysis of the news.

Guiding people away from echo chambers and filter bubbles, and exposing them to different beliefs, ideas and perspectives.

Placing credibility and context at the heart of digital news approaches.

Our Values

We commit to

Be rigorous

We are committed to accuracy and rigour when collecting and sharing information.

We empathise with the constraints and challenges that users face in interacting with the news ecosystem, and believe that it is the responsibility of businesses, institutions and individuals to address these challenges.

Be Sceptical

We understand that the internet has ushered in an era of democratised access to information- creating an environment where we are less equipped than ever to determine what's accurate. It is because of this that:

We are meticulously sceptical - questioning everything, with an open mind.

We are only strong believers when there is strong reasoning.

Be inclusive

We welcome all other efforts in this arena and seek to collaborate wherever possible.

We affirm both the positive social applications of data, and people’s agency in managing it.

Make decisions without fear or favour

We are politically-conscious, but non-partisan.

We believe in the necessity of a fair and independent media.

Use machines to aid human beings, not replace them

We seek to develop extended rather than artificial intelligence.

We believe in the democratisation of AI and the absolute imperative of its responsible use by stakeholders.

Although no man is better than a machine for some tasks in the words of Paul Tudor Jones, “no machine is better than a man with a machine.”