About Us

Logically develops the latest in cutting-edge AI technologies to combat information overload, misinformation, ‘fake news’, and other types of harmful content

Providing the world with a better information ecosystem

Access to meaningful and reliable news information is a fundamental cornerstone of any successful society. In today's rapidly-evolving digital world, almost every aspect of how we create, share, and interact with the news is changing.

Whilst the internet has democratized access to information, it's also created an environment where we are less equipped than ever to determine what's accurate, and how we ought to rely on news to inform the decisions that shape our lives - and our democracy at large.

Logically provides the public, private companies and public insitutitions with tools, like Logically News, that allow them to navigate today’s digital media environment with certainty, confidence and clarity.

Using AI to combat misinformation

Our algorithms are designed to identify the accuracy and credibility of any piece of text content using a three-pronged approach:


Textual analysis of news content to identify hundreds of known misinformation indicators.


Examination of metadata to determine the quality, reputation and authority of content source.


Monitoring network behaviour and proliferation of content to discover problematic or suspicious patterns.

We believe AI needs to work with humans, not instead of them. By understanding the way we naturally interact with information, Logically strives to use AI to extend human intelligence capabilities - instead of hampering them.