About Us

At Logically we are on a mission to improve the way we consume and interact with the news. In recent years we have witnessed a breakdown in civic discourse, and polarisation of our media and our politics. The effect of misinformation – the spread of which has only been exacerbated by social media – has furthered the decline in effective and constructive discourse in society.

We believe that, although complex and far-reaching, these problems are not insurmountable. Using advanced AI technologies Logically builds tools that aim to improve the quality of the journalism we read and platforms that contextualise the heaps of information available to us so that we are better informed about the topics that matter to us.

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Our Values

We are politically-conscious but non-partisan

We are committed to accuracy and rigour when collecting and disseminating information

We believe in the necessity of a fair and independent media

We seek to develop extended rather than artificial intelligence

We believe in the democratisation of AI and the absolute imperative of its responsible use by stakeholders

We recognise that digital technology’s rapid evolution, combined with the financial structures of news outlets and social media organisations, have caused information saturation and civic disenchantment

We empathise with the constraints and challenges that users face in interacting with the news ecosystem, and believe that it is the responsibility of businesses and institutions to address these challenges

We strive to promote diversity within our workplace, and within the creative process that shapes our technology and platform

We welcome all other efforts in this arena and seek to collaborate wherever possible

We affirm both the positive social applications of data and people’s agency in managing it

Our Mission

To improve civic discourse

To provide insight into and analysis of the news

To value credibility and context, placing them at the heart of digital news approaches

To guide people away from echo chambers and filter bubbles, and to expose them to different beliefs, ideas and perspectives

To enable and encourage constructive discourse between communities

To facilitate critical thinking

To provide future generations with an awareness of:

Ownership of and right to control their data

The economics of content online

How to access rigorous, trustworthy information

To monitor the forces that shape news coverage, and educate people about these dynamics

To foster web literacy

To provide individuals and professionals with the tools to face the challenges of the misinformation ecosystem by:

Detecting various degrees of misinformation

Classifying these instances

Recording them so as to create a long-term picture of their evolution

We recognise the constantly-evolving nature of the misinformation ecosystem and aim to adapt to the challenges this poses


The seeds of Logically were sown in 2016 when our founder and CEO – studying at MIT – observed the breakdown in discourse between friends as they tried to discuss the US presidential elections. It reminded him of his own experiences of conversation in the UK during the Brexit referendum. He was struck by the hyper-partisan, aggressive nature of these discussions in which neither side seemed prepared to cede anything to their opponents.

Logically was born as a response to these problems. The first employee joined in July 2017 and has subsequently grown to around 70 members of staff across the UK and India.

The first Logically App was launched in April 2019 in India in time for the general election and integrated contextualised newsfeeds and a bespoke fact-checking service. Thousands of requests were made to our fact-checking team through the app during the election. This Summer Logically will be releasing its UK app offering a whole host of new features. Visit our product page to find out more.

Visit our product page to find out more.


Developers, designers, data scientists and annotators constitute Logically’s Tech team. In order to train Logically’s algorithms, our specialist journalists have annotated over 20 million sentences of news content. While developers optimise and consolidate Logically’s back-end, our designers shape its front-end. Our data scientists are developing statistical verification pipelines and honing our misinformation detection and classification models.

Our Product team intersects between the business and technology and acts as the voice of the user. Defining the vision and guiding the commercial success of our products it leads the cross-functional team that is responsible for building and improving them.

Logically’s Editorial team analyses and communicates our algorithms’ most salient findings. Relying on Logically’s native data, we produce written, video, and audio content that contextualises and connects the news. We aim to provide statistically-grounded insights into misinformation. Editorial also oversees any high-sensitivity data judgements.

Logically’s Outreach, Business Development, Social Media and Marketing teams represent our front-facing, collaborative interests. Together they explore and nurture partnerships with the public and private sectors, secure grants and fundings for Logically, and ensure Logically’s online presence is diverse, responsive, and engaging on all channels.