The News You Need Without The Bias

The intelligent news curation platform. Powered by machine learning to identify fake news and misinformation.

The world needs a better information ecosystem

Civil discourse is at risk. Trust in social-media platforms is at an all-time low, and the reputation of our news institutions are under scrutiny.

Logically brings together advanced AI technologies like machine learning, neural networks and natural language processing to give you the tools you need to navigate today's treacherous media environment with confidence.

Equip yourself with the facts

Accurately determine the credibility of articles and individual claims from thousands of your favourite publications, and discover the most valid perspectives. Truly understand what’s happening in the world, and what people are saying about it.

Get the whole picture

See how news stories evolve over time with a full view of narrative timelines. Seamlessly browse articles and events belonging to the same story as they unfold, allowing you to make sense of more than just the headlines.

Burst your filter bubble. Break down your echo chamber.

Discover credible and trustworthy news and opinion from all over the political spectrum. Logically presents you with alternative viewpoints so you can get both sides of the story

Artificial Extended Intelligence

We believe AI needs to work with humans, not instead of them. By leveraging the way we naturally interact with information, Logically is able to extend human intelligence capabilities instead of hampering them.

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