The more people understand the ways in which information travels online, the safer they will be from the threats of misinformation and ‘fake news’. Because of this, Logically is committed to increasing the availability of digital literacy and media literacy resources. We run a number of anti-misinformation and media literacy workshops to help.


False News & Fringe Groups: Integrating De-radicalisation Strategies into Anti-Misinformation Efforts.

Presenting various theories and case studies on the processes of radicalisation, de-radicalisation, fringe groups and the characteristics of individuals drawn to extremist online spaces. The workshop highlights pathway models to understand individual motivations as well as social/group identity models and policy approaches.


Statistical Claim Verification

A presentation on the processes behind automated statistical claim verification; covering finding and analysing relevant datasets, the technical aspects of statistical claim detection, and the accessibility/readability of official data.

School of Broadcasting and Communications, Mumbai

Debunking 'Fake News'

An interactive workshop on 'Fake News' in the digital age; looking into the ways misinformation is spread online, the current and future tools that help identify misinformation and the various processes used to debunk misinformation.

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