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Fact Check

Fight ‘fake news’ at its source by verifying claims at the touch of a button. Simply share an article with us and our technology will pick out the key claims within it. Select the claim you’re suspicious of and if we can verify it with our clever tech, we’ll tell you straight away. If not, our factcheckers will get to work researching it.

Check it before you share it and stop it before it spreads!

Home Page

65,000 publishers; one streamlined news feed. Logically’s home page provides the latest news in the simplest way possible. Our technology clusters and prioritises articles for you, condensing the multitude of content available online into a news feed with objective headlines designed to inform, not engage.

Top News & My Feed

Easily swipe between the most important stories of the day and your own personalised newsfeed, helping you stay on top of what the world is talking about and your own interests in one place.


Our story-centred news feed is designed to give you the full picture of a story in a transparent and digestible format. Our ‘just the facts’ summaries and intelligent contextualisation tools allow you to make your own mind up before delving deeper into what the rest of the world is saying.


Get a concise summary of the facts without spin, slant or bias. Our AI reads hundreds of articles on every story, summarising the facts and eliminating the fluff to save you time.

Contrasting Views

Diverse perspectives on the stories you care about. Contrast and compare the slant on articles from journalists and publishers across the political spectrum.

Key Players

Ever read an article and wondered who someone is, what they’ve done, or why they’re relevant? Our AI picks out the key players in a given story and gives you all the information you need about them. We do this for all the key individuals, places and organisations we detect through our analysis of the entire story and its coverage.


Never miss a beat with Logically’s timeline feature. We can’t all stay on top of everything, all the time; Logically’s automated timelines keep you up to date with every development in your favourite stories and help you fill in the gaps.