Apple has removed Facebook’s ‘Research’ app from IOS, following outcry over its targeting of teenagers to collect vast amounts of data.

On Tuesday, TechCrunch revealed Facebook paid people $20 a month in exchange for total access to their smartphone activity— including private and encrypted calls and messages, web browsing, location information, emails, and media.

Anyone aged 13 to 35 could download ‘Research’. However, Snapchat and Instagram advertisements explicitly targeted teens, and Facebook was only mentioned deep into the onboarding process.

Apple had  removed another one of Facebook’s misleading data-gathering apps, Onavo Protect, from the App store in August 2018.

Many argue we should be paid for the data generated by our digital lives, but the consequences of these practices remain opaque. Others point out that, paid or not, such data is already being gathered.

Do young people understand the true value of their data? What kind of price should be put on it?

Screenshots of ads for the Research app on uTest, one of the three platforms Research launched on.

Credit for this article’s header image goes to Anton Darius | @theSollers.