Far-right US political strategist Steve Bannon advised Boris Johnson—leading candidate for Britain’s premiership—on a key Leave campaign speech Johnson delivered before 2016’s Brexit referendum, a new video shows.

Speaking in July 2018 Bannon explains: “I’d been talking to him all weekend over this speech,” recommending “[Johnson] incorporate the idea of June 23rd as Britain’s independence day—like our July 4th.”

Wider UK media has been criticised for its slow take-up of this story, with only a couple of prominent outlets addressing the video initially.

Some argue that the public-funded BBC is cherrypicking its definition of “public interest” by not screening the video—yet inviting Bannon to a conference last year.

Meanwhile, the media remain focused on a domestic row which occurred last Friday between Johnson and partner Carrie Symonds, and lead to a police call-out.

Two cabinet ministers, the 1922 Committee’s vice-chair and a prominent Conservative donor are among those demanding Johnson explain the events—which neighbours recorded.

Incoming victims’ commissioner Dame Vera Baird concurs it is “absolutely in the public interest that people do” report such conflicts.

However, conservatives retort public interest does not cover politicians’ private lives, as police have issued no statements regarding the incident, and the neighbours’ motives have been questioned.

How should we define public interest?


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