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Our principal mission is to improve the quality of civic discourse by giving people the tools they need to fully engage in democratic political processes. We believe that it is both possible and desirable to be politically engaged without being prejudicial, to debate and disagree with honesty and integrity, and to demand the highest standards of courtesy, rationality and respect from political allies and opposition alike.

We aim to make a positive impact by developing non-partisan, unbiased resources to establish what facts are beyond dispute, what positions can be reasonably held on the basis of those facts, and to give everybody the resources necessary to argue for what they believe without undermining our shared commitment to arguing on the basis of facts.

We understand that in order to play our part in establishing what is true and what is not, Logically must be trusted across the political spectrum. Furthermore, we understand that while being politically engaged is a civic duty, our role as an independent fact-checking organisation requires that our work be motivated by broad political and ethical considerations which transcend our partisan political interests.

At Logically we work hard to ensure that all our work is free from bias and partisan interest, and that our personal political views never influence our judgements. All of our editorial staff sign a political activity policy, and our editorial team is strictly firewalled from any potential conflicts of interest within the company.

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Non-Partisanship Policy

Employees of the editorial division at Logically are prohibited from:

Publicly endorsing any political party or candidate.

Making, printing or distributing in print or digitally, any party-political literature unless expressly for the purposes of their

Clearly indicating support for any political party or partisan political cause, especially where that statement could reasonably be construed as the position of Logically as a whole. The only exception to this is when the cause in question is directly relevant to Logically’s mission and its support has been established as the official position of Logically as a company.

Behaving in a manner which could amount to bullying, harassment or discrimination of colleagues based on political opinions, or exposing a colleague’s personal political.

Working in any way that could be reasonably understood as serving partisan interests, political agendas not directly relevant to Logically’s mission, or otherwise undermining Logically’s reputation for non-partisanship and political neutrality.

We recognise that the right to freedom of expression and free association is an inalienable right of citizens in a democracy. As such, we don’t believe that we have the legal or moral authority to prohibit our employees from engaging in any political activity whatsoever; furthermore, we believe that our employees should be encouraged to be politically engaged, just as we seek to encourage political engagement across the world.

However, both in and outside of work, employees must not behave in a manner which could potentially damage the company’s reputation, including but not limited to our reputation for non-partisanship and political neutrality. As such, employees must refrain from doing any of the following:

Carrying out any work, whether paid or voluntary, for any political party or advocacy group which could be construed as explicit or tacit support for the party or cause on the part of Logically.

Making any public declarations on political matters which could be construed as the position of the company at. This includes declarations made online and on social media.

Knowingly entering into any relationship with any organisation which could create a conflict of interest with their work at Logically.

Withholding any information concerning potential conflicts of interest which might undermine Logically’s reputation for non-partisanship.

Behaving in any way which amounts to bullying, harassment or discrimination of a member of the public based on political opinions or views. This includes behaviour on social media and social networking sites.


TheLogically (Trading as Logically) is a UK registered company -No. 10850644. Check our records at Companies House here.

Logically was founded in 2017 by CEO Lyric Jain.

Logically is funded by a combination of Lyric's personal investment in the company (using personal savings and money from family business Eliza Tinsley, by venture capital investment from the Northern Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund , managed by Mercia Asset Management , and investment from XTX Ventures . Lyric Jain remains the only person with significant control of Logically.

The principle of editorial independence is of paramount importance in Logically’s mission. We practice editorial independence in order to fulfil our mission of being a reliable source of high quality information to our users, and we scrupulously ensure that no reasonable person could infer any systematic partisan bias from our output, or from the way that our business is organised or conducted.

We practice editorial independence by ensuring that the subjects and conclusions of our fact-checks, writings and investigations are only ever directed by our curiosity, the available evidence, responsible research practices and Logically’s mission and values.

We have taken steps to ensure that the commercial interests of Logically can never influence our editorial output. These steps include:

Members of the editorial team are prohibited from participating in any discussions concerning specific commercial opportunities.

Any Logically project must undergo an ethics review, as a part of which any potential risk to Logically’s reputation for non-partisanship must be anticipated and addressed.

No editorial output of any kind is subject to final approval by any member of Logically outside of the editorial team.

The Senior Editor reports directly to the CEO on all matters except those which could reasonably be construed as falling under proper independent editorial discretion; in those matters the senior editor will continue to operate with full editorial discretion until such time as an editorial board can be established (by the end of 2020), at which point that board will be the final deciding body on editorial matters.