About Fact-Checking

What is fact-checking?

At Logically, we provide a bespoke fact checking service for anyone who uses our app. If you spot something online that you’re not sure about—whether it’s a fact, assertion or claim—send it to us and we’ll investigate it for you. Our fact checking team will do our best to determine whether or not this particular bit of information is reliable, and send you a short report that you can share with your friends, to make sure that no one falls victim to false information.

How does it work?

Through the Claim Review feature in the Logically app, you can submit the piece of information that you’d like to have fact checked, either by typing it in manually, or by entering the URL and choosing from one of the top claims that we identify. There’s space to leave comments, so if you’ve got any questions or something that’ll you’d especially like to find out, please let us know!

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Fact checking archive

Logically offers a bespoke fact-checking service through our app. Users are able to submit claims to our expert fact checking team who will then respond directly the user via the app. We also keep an archive of fact checks which are accessible to the public and which we keep updated for anyone to see – regardless of whether or not they have downloaded the app. Check out the best of Logically’s fact checks here!


Logically provides a customised fact checking service for our users, which means that our biggest priority is to check the things that you ask us to. We endeavour to evaluate your requests as quickly as we can, but if you have any problems with your fact check, please get in touch!

Sometimes our team will do general fact checks about current events or issues. In order to decide what to check, we ask several questions of the claim, to determine how important it is that we investigate it.

The kinds of questions that we ask include:

  • Is it an important piece of information? Does it deal with a subject that is important for the public to know?

  • What impact would the information have if nobody checked it?

  • Is it something that’s likely to be spread or repeated?

  • Are we able to fact check it? We can’t check opinions, and sometimes there isn’t enough publicly available evidence to be able to conduct a proper fact check.

  • Have we fact checked this person or entity before? We try to make sure that we are balanced in our coverage.

Once we receive your request, it’s assigned to one of our fact checking team, who then begins to conduct research into the claim. They try to track the claim back to its origins, analyse its context and then find as many primary sources as possible to either support or refute it.

Once they have found enough evidence, they made a decision about how reliable they believe the claim is, and write up a report about their findings, as well as the path they followed to find their evidence. This becomes the fact check itself, and once it passes through several levels of oversight and is checked and double-checked, we send our findings on to you.

We apply five different ratings to our fact checks. They aim to give you a quick summary of our findings and verdict about the reliability of your claim.

Here’s what they mean:

  • True

    – The claim that you’ve submitted is factually accurate, and nothing important has been omitted.

  • Partly True

    – Part of the claim is factually accurate, however it’s not possible for us to verify the entire claim.

  • Misleading

    – The claim or statement contains some truth, but leaves out important information or takes things out of context, and this changes the meaning.

  • Unverifiable

    – It’s not possible for us to verify the claim with any degree of certainty, or it’s not something that’s possible for us to check.

  • False

    – The statement or claim is not factually accurate.

It’s important to remember that verifying information and sources can be complicated, and sometimes a one-word judgement doesn’t do this process justice. To get the best out of your fact checks, we recommend that you read the full report, follow the links to the sources our team used, and decide for yourself.

Meet the team

Our fact checking team is made up of 22 people based across India and the UK. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including commerce, science, politics, literature and computer science. Each member of the team has undergone extensive, industry-standard training in fact checking and verification practices, and specialise in the investigation of business and political claims.

Corrections policy

While we do our best to ensure that all of our fact checks are as accurate as possible, in the case that any incorrect or outdated information, we try to make the necessary corrections or updates as quickly as we can.

We’ll send you a notification if we make any changes to the fact checks that you’ve requested, and any changes will be clearly labeled in the report itself. Each of our fact checks has a unique tracking ID, which you can search for in order to retrieve them.


Logically is a private enterprise that is funded by its founder, Lyric Jain. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

If you have any questions or issues, or are interested in getting involved, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at contact@logically.co.uk.