Why do we factcheck?

We rely on information to make meaningful decisions that affect our lives, but the nature of the internet means that misinformationreaches more people faster than ever before.

The human brain is lazy. People tend to believe things that put less stress on their brains or that are coherent with what they already know. This can cause us to overlook relevant facts, even when they are clearly presented.

It’s not often that we look for what we don’t see, but today it’s easier than ever to control what people do see. The evolution of mobile internet technologies over last two decades, has fundamentally changed our relationship with information and facts, but information in many of these digital spaces isn’t always true. We already know that falsehoods travel faster and farther than truth online—with the potential to incite violence, wreak havoc on financial markets and disrupt democracies.

That’s why we’ve created logically.

Fact Check with Logically

Our mobile app gives you access to the largest team of dedicated fact checkers on the planet. If you spot something online that you’re not sure about—whether it’s a fact, assertion or claim—send it to us and we’ll investigate it for you. Our fact checking team will do our best to determine whether or not this particular bit of information is reliable, and send you a short report that you can share with your friends, to make sure that no one falls victim to false information.

The Highlights

Latest top fact checks

The team behind fact checking

Logically’s fact-checking team is at hand to help users verify claims that they find online. At a time when misinformation is an increasing problem in India and around the world, Logically’s fact-checkers have been trained to international standards to research the facts behind the headlines and ensure that our users are able to stay safe from misinformation.

Suchita Goel J

Senior Analyst & Supervisor

Suchita is the Senior Analyst and Supervisor at Logically and leads a team of 25 Fact-Checkers and moderators. A Post Graduate in Commerce from the University of Mysore, her fascination with misinformation and the issues surrounding ‘fake news’ led her to Logically, where she has now been for 2 years, making her one of the longest-serving members of staff.

Vivek J


Vivek has been working at Logically as an analyst since December 2017 and is currently one of the Supervisors overseeing the Fact-Checking team. He has worked for almost two years extensively studying biases and logical fallacy in both mainstream and social media. He brings a huge amount of technical knowledge to the Fact-Checking team.

Rajini K G


Rajini has a Bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Mysore and has 3 years of experience as a Data Process Analyst in a KPO. She joined Logically in December 2017 and is currently working as a Supervisor.

Sandesh M


Sandesh started his career at Logically in December 2017 as a Fact-Checker and Analyst. He is now a Moderator. Prior to joining Logically he gained experience in advertising and journalism and worked for 5 years in the BPO industry as a Senior Associate.

Umme Kulsum


Umme Kulsum started working for Logically in December 2017 and is a Moderator within the Fact-Checking team. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from Mysore Institute of Commerce and Arts (MICA).

Annet Preethi Furtado


Annet Preethi is a Moderator at Logically who joined the team in December 2017. Annet earned her Master’s in Commerce and Taxation from St. Philomena's College in Mysuru, Karnataka.

Praveen Kumar H


Praveen is a moderator at Logically. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce from the University of Mysore, a keen eye for detail, and a love for the arts.

Madhukar P B

Fact Checker

Madhukar is one of our most experienced fact-checkers, and has been at Logically since December 2017. He holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Mysore and specialises in fact-checking statistical and political claims.

Ranjini K

Fact Checker

Ranjini has been with Logically since February 2018. She is a moderator who completed her Bachelor’s degree in Science from St.Philomena's college in 1996. Previously she worked for the Global Examination Centre for 11 years as Administrator for online competitive examinations.

Sunil Kumar

Fact Checker

Sunil is a Business Management Graduate of the University of Mysore. He has been a part of Logically for two years and it particularly interested in Indian economics and politics.

Khagesh K G

Fact Checker

Khagesh is a fact-checker at Logically, specialising in claims relating to social media, politics, government and business. He took on the role in July 2019 after completing a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Rashmi S

Fact Checker

Rashmi began her journey at Logically in December 2017 and is one of the longest serving fact-checkers in the team. She specialises in Indian politics and foreign policy. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Mysore.

Archana Naresh

Fact Checker

Archana is a Computer Science graduate, and has been a Fact-checker in Logically since March 2019. She enjoys investigating scientific claims and brings in her knowledge of Technology.

Aswathi K

Fact Checker

Aswathi is at Logically from September 2019 as a fact-checker. Being a Post-graduate in Computer Application she specializes in scientific and political claims.

Harshitha Bhavasar N

Fact Checker

Harshitha with her passion for health and science started working in Logically from September 2019 as fact-checker, she is a Post Graduate in Chemistry from University of Mysore.

Veena S

Fact Checker

Veena is a Journalism Graduate from the University of Mysore. She joined Logically in June 2019, and has an interest in Indian politics and sports.

Varun Kumar M

Fact Checker

Varun is one of our fact checkers, and has a flair for investigating historical and political claims. He has been with of Logically since March 2019, and holds a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from the University of Mysore.

Annie Priya S

Fact Checker

Annie Priya has been a fact-checker in Logically since March 2019. She has an interest in research relevant to Logically’s mission, and is particularly keen on debunking fake news stories about current affairs. She graduated in Commerce from St Philomena's College, Mysore.

Meghana G A

Fact Checker

Meghana joined Logically in July 2019. She is a Graduate in Science from Mangalore University’s St Philomena College.

Sujana N Babu

Fact Checker

Sujana is a fact-checker at Logically specialising in politics and science. She has a knack for chasing down sources for the smallest details of a story. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University.

Jinsha P V

Fact Checker

Jinsha has been a part of the fact-checking team since October 2019 as a fact-checker. She has a postgraduate degree in Computer Applications from Bharathiar Universityand has an interest in scientific and historical fact checks, as well as Indian politics.

Dhanush C

Fact Checker

Dhanush is a fact-checker at Logically. He has an eye for science and technology-related topics and holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. He previously owned an e-commerce company working with Amazon.

Lakshmi B

Content Moderator

Lakshmi is a content moderator at Logically. She focuses on spreading awareness to the public of the authenticity of the content they read both online and in print. She helps the team by analysing nuances in the language of claims and fact-checks to ensure that bias is detected and avoided as much as possible.

Neetha C J

Content Moderator

Neetha is a content moderator at Logically. She graduated from the University of Mysore, with a Master’s degree in Science. Previously she worked for 15 years as a Technical Editor for a publishing company.