The run up to elections are prime time for online misinformation and disinformation campaigns and their effects can undermine the very democracies in which we live. That’s why Logically partner with a number of public, private and charitable organisations to defend democracy and help put a stop to election misinformation.

Logically's AI algorithms detect various degrees of misinformation and problematic content. Our three pronged approach allows us to get the full picture.


Looking into the veracity of content through textual/visual analysis


Examining the metadata to determine the quality, reputation and authority of the contents’ source


Monitoring network behaviour and proliferation of content to discover problematic or suspicious patterns.

Our tools are built to extend human intelligence capabilities because although no man is better than a machine for some tasks, in the words of Paul Tudor Jones,

“No machine is better than a man with a machine.”

Take a look at some of the projects we’ve taken part in below:

Lok Sabha 2019

Logically conducted a large scale study into election misinformation during the biggest democratic election that planet earth has ever seen; the 2019 Indian General Election. In the run up to the election Logically was able to find around 20,00 fake news stories which were shared over 2 million times.

Maharashtra 2019

During the Maharashtra Assembly elections, logically partnered with Maharashtra Cyber Cell to detect and track election misinformation. The aim of this initiative was to stop the spread of misinformation during the election as well as keep politicians and their parties accountable for the information that they post. Logically also dedicated fact checkers and verification experts to form a collaborative reporting mechanism. Logically set up a war-room in Maharashtra Cyber Office at World Trade Center, Mumbai that formed the central hub of all detection, tracking and reporting activities.

Sweden Pop Up Newsroom

With support from Google News Initiative, the Pop-Up team worked with over 150 students from three of Sweden’s top journalism schools to monitor the election in real time and debunk viral misinformation found circulating on social media. The Logically team were able to witness the impressive work of Pop-Up Newsroom as they trained a core group of student journalists in monitoring techniques with the help of a representative from Google News Lab, technology companies and of course their own wealth of experience in election monitoring.

On the day of the election the team, which included members of Logically’s editorial team, set about monitoring and debunking viral claims made online and spread on social media.

Producing visual debunks which would also be shared on social media to counter dubious claims and sharing information with partners in the media industry, the aim was to reduce the effects of misinformation on voter’s decision making during the election.

If you're interested in any of the work we do around election misinformation, drop us a line.