New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern has urged her citizens to deprive the Christchurch shooter—suspected of killing 50 people—of the fame he clearly sought.

Addressing parliament on Monday, Ardern asked her nation to “give him nothing, not even his name.”

Meanwhile in the US, White House Counsellor Kellyanne Conway denied president Donald Trump’s influence on the Christchurch shooter’s worldview on Sunday, saying “people should read” the attacker’s manifesto “in its entirety.”

Conway’s recommendation contradicts experts who stress that detailed media coverage may fuel copycat attacks.

Data & Society researcher Whitney Phillips argues we should not afford violent extremists “the oxygen of amplification.”

Further research suggests that a significant amount of shooters and attempted mass shooters cite previous shootings and perpetrators as inspiration.

How do we discuss events like this without giving “oxygen” to the ideas behind them?


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