Artificial Intelligence for Business

Reveal truly meaningful and highly-specific insights for your business. Leverage Logically solutions that analyse and interpret your data to deliver tangible value to the rest of your organisation.

Journalists and Publishers

Audit the quality, accuracy and diversity of your editorial content with Logically. Arm your teams with the tools they need to develop high-performing editorial content with ease and efficiency.


Create a rich and comprehensive view of the information landscape in which your government operates. Create effective policy platforms or monitor potential risks using a wealth of truly insightful analyses.

Public Health

Mitigate the far-reaching consequences of health misinformation in your community. Adopt Logically technology to ensure public health communications are evidence-based, robust and safe.

Financial Institutions

Guarantee the quality of information that informs your investments. Our fintech solution utilizes cutting-edge AI technologies to qualify the critical intel you need to make decisions driven by unique insights.

Advertisers and Media Buyers

Ensure the publishers and platforms you partner with with are compatible with your client's values. Logically assesses the content of publishers for credibility, allowing you to deliver the most value to brands with confidence.

Why Logically?

Unlike other solutions, Logically relies on an ensemble of different machine learning, natural language processing and other AI technologies to produce genuinely sophisticated and meaningful results that accelerate organizational growth.

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