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Do You Know Where Your Children’s Data Is? Reverse-engineering a TikTok Moral Panic

Following a flurry of concerned social media posts, we dive into claims that TikTok is spyware for the Chinese government.

Joe Ondrak|an hour ago|8 mins read


Tinfoil Digest

Our writers’ recommendations for the best debunking, fact checking and media criticism you shouldn't miss this week.

Edie Miller|8th Jul 20|3 mins read


Get Off My LAN: Why Generational Differences Matter Online

For years now in our political discourse, a generational conflict has been raging. Typically, the lines of this conflict have been drawn as follows: ageing, moneyed Boomers - beneficiaries both of the post-war welfare state growing up, and the realignment of wealth

Tom Whyman|7th Jul 20|8 mins read


Double Check: Will India Have a Vaccine Ready by August 15?

The ICMR announced that human clinical trails for COVAXIN, an indigenous vaccine candidate would commence in July and the vaccine would be launched on August 15. Is it feasible to get a vaccine ready in such a short span?

Priyam Nayak|7th Jul 20|5 mins read


How Poker Thinking Can Help Us Unpick Fake News

Maria Konnikova isn’t the type of person to rush things. “I'm a big believer in just letting things sit and trying not to force anything, letting it percolate in my head,” she tells me.

Tom Victor|6th Jul 20|9 mins read


RS Archer: The Fictional Fiction Writer Who Took Remainers for a Ride

Earlier this week, a twitter account ostensibly belonging to a British writer named R.S. Archer, the author of the ‘David Saunders’ series of books, married to a French woman and living in the Dordogne, began posting about a British couple he knows who have a holiday home near him and his wife.

Tom Whyman|3rd Jul 20|9 mins read


Every Outbreak is an Opportunity: COVID-19 and the Vaccine Wars

A dangerous combination of vaccine disinformation and a precipitous drop in vaccinations during the pandemic could mean we can expect to see a perfect storm of public health disasters in the next few years.

Edie Miller|2nd Jul 20|5 mins read


Tinfoil Digest

Our writers’ recommendations for the best debunking, fact checking and media criticism you shouldn't miss this week.

Edie Miller|1st Jul 20|2 mins read


The Saga of Ayurvedic COVID-19 Cures

As India’s COVID-19 caseload went up, there was a colossal increase in messages forwarded on social media about Ayurvedic cures for the disease

Logically|1st Jul 20|9 mins read


Double Check: California Woman Receives Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis at CVS Site Despite Never Being Tested

A rumor quickly making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook is claiming that a Los Angeles resident tested positive for COVID-19 at a CVS Minute Clinic site in La Habra despite never actually attending their appointment to take the test.

Nick Backovic|30th Jun 20|2 mins read


TikTok Teens, K-pop Stans, and Zoomer Online Activism: An Investigator’s Perspective

In the aftermath of Trump’s disastrously underattended rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the flooding of racist or pro-police hashtags and communication channels on Twitter, the Internet was awash with proclamations that the “zoomers” (members of Gen-Z) were the future.

Joe Ondrak|26th Jun 20|7 mins read


Part II: Pride, Prejudice and Pink-washing: Tracking #pridekashmir

The team at Logically has investigated these claims, tracked the use of the #pridekashmir hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, and examined the history and how the Pride Kashmir organization operates.

Logically|26th Jun 20|5 mins read


Part I: Pride, Prejudice and Pink-washing in Kashmir

In October 2019, masked protestors disrupted an event organized by the School of Oriental and African studies at the London University featuring activist Kavitha Krishnan and queer activist Professor Dibyesh Anand as panelists.

Logically|26th Jun 20|9 mins read


Double Check: Is the UK Government ignoring its own COVID-19 recovery plans?

Following the UK government’s announcement that there would be further relaxation of social distancing measures from July 4th, an image has been doing the rounds on social media

Al Baker|24th Jun 20|5 mins read

Tinfoil Digest

Tinfoil Digest

Our writers’ recommendations for the best debunking, fact checking and media criticism you shouldn't miss this week.

Edie Miller|24th Jun 20|2 mins read