How Joseph Stalin's "Coronavirus Prediction" Went Viral

In March, the Russian website Panorama published an article claiming that Joseph Stalin had made a 1947 prediction about ways the United States would fight geopolitical rivals in the future.

Kristina Gildejeva|28th May 20|3 mins read


Think Logically - Why Media Literacy and Education Must Remain the Front Line of Defense Against Misinformation and Disinformation

If we’re to learn one thing from the torrent of coronavirus-related information we’ve been bombarded with in recent months - what the World Health Organization has labelled an infodemic – it should be something about our failures.

Nick Backovic|26th May 20|4 mins read

law enforcement

Criminalising Fake News Pt.1: Asia

Can the law fight "fake news"? In the first of this four part series, we look into the laws, suspects, offenders, and the punishments imposed by governments that have criminalised "fake news".

Logically|7th Jan 20|5 mins read


5 examples of how user generated content becomes 'fake news' in the MSM

It's easier than ever to get your photos and videos on mainstream media platforms, but what happens when its wrong?

Logically|3rd Oct 19|4 mins read


3 examples of how 'fake news' makes real money

‘Fake news’ isn’t just celebrity death hoaxes and satirical blog posts, it’s big business.

Logically|22nd Jul 19|4 mins read

Social Media

5 Tips to stop being fooled by 'fake news' images on social media

Whether created intentionally to mislead, or unknowingly by incompetent actors, fake news is often spread through digital imagery. Here are some simple steps to make sure that you aren't being fooled by fakes.

Logically|18th Feb 19|4 mins read

fake news

Cynical Profiteering: How political 'fake news' makes real money

A look into the entrepreneurs that turned 'fake news' into a business.

Logically|12th Feb 19|9 mins read