Parliament seems to be at a stalemate.

The Letwin amendment was passed on Friday which some see as an attempt to scupper Brexit.

The amendment being passed means that Boris Johnson did not get the clean ‘yes’ or ‘no’ that he needed.

The PM has written to the EU, requesting a delay however he did not sign the letter.

He sent another letter, however, expressing his view that any more extensions to the Brexit process would not be beneficial to either side.

Today, the government will attempt another meaningful vote – presenting MPs with the choice to either approve or disapprove the deal.

So how best to end the Brexit stalemate?

  1. Parliament should vote for Johnson's deal
  2. Johnson should forge ahead even if it means leaving the EU without a deal
  3. We should have a general election
  4. We should have a confirmatory referendum

What do you think?

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