A private jet still FAA-registered under Jeffrey Epstein’s JEGE LLC. has been used to transport public figures despite comments suggesting the jet had been sold, an investigation by Logically can reveal.

Former Atlanta Braves players Andruw Jones and Brad Clontz flew from County Cobb airport outside Atlanta towards Miami on June 12th, as shown by the above image from Instagram. Ads-b tracking showed the jet heading for Miami after taking off.

A screenshot from an Instagram story posted by Jones shows another angle, where the jet's tail number can clearly be identified as N120JE. FAA records show that jet to be registered in the US Virgin Islands under Jeffrey Epstein's company JEGE LLC.

Epstein's JEGE LLC. owned at least two private jets (other than the Boeing 727 infamously known as the Lolita Express). At the time of Epstein's arrest, it was noted that N120JE was still flying; indeed on the day of Epstein's arrest, that plane flew from the US Virgin Islands to Atlanta. When Epstein's lawyers claimed that JEGE only owned one private jet, it was assumed by some that the older Gulfstream IV (N120JE) was the one that had been sold. But the FAA registration above shows that N120JE remained the property of JEGE.

Others had noted that the N120JE had continued to fly, and was still owned by Epstein's company, although until now there has been no information available about the passengers associated with these flights, nor the purpose of the flights taken. The revelation that its passengers have included public figures using the jet for recreational trips raises several new questions. Is the plane still, in fact, owned by JEGE LLC., and if not, why have the FAA records not been updated to reflect that? What relationship, if any, do two retired baseball players have with JEGE LLC? And in what capacity have these passengers been given use of the jet?

Logically was tipped off to the discovery by @brianharmon from Alabama. We are continuing to investigate this story and will post updates as and when we have them.

Logically reached out to the Atlanta Braves for comment, but have received no response as yet.