On Saturday night, Youtube’s KSI and Logan Paul will go head to head in their second boxing match.

Their first bout – which ended in a draw – was billed as “the biggest internet event in history.”

The two novice boxers will take part in a six-round fight at the Staple Centre in Los Angeles. However, they are not the only fighters on the bill that night, and some have begun to question the legitimacy of the Youtube pair.

The fight promoter Eddie Hearn, having seen their first fight last year, wanted to make sure this second round was properly executed:

“I told them that we had to do it properly; get rid of the headguards, get boxing licences and make them proper professional boxers with all the rules and medical conditions.”

No one is sure how this fight will play out, and some boxing purists are hesitant to even call it boxing.

Two other professional boxers, WBO super-middleweight world champion Billy Joe Saunders and WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney will also be fighting on the night, but on the undercard.

Whether KSI vs Logan Paul is the main event on Saturday or just “the other boxing” on the bill, the fight is likely to bring in millions of views online.

The YouTubers are expected to make millions each from the fight, but does the fanfare surrounding this event undermine the sport of boxing?

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