This morning, commuters dragged a climate crisis protestor off of a London Underground train.

In a video that caught the moment, commuters are pleading with the protestor to get him to come down.

When he refuses, things are thrown at him and one commuter begins climbing up the train to try and get him down. As the commuter climbs, it appears the protestor kicks him before being dragged down off the train.

There appears to be a scuffle once the protestor is on the ground.

This morning’s event showcases the divide in the city’s opinion on Extinction Rebellion and the actions they are taking in the name of the climate crisis.

Moreover, many commentators have suggested that these most recent actions suggest a class divide in the climate debate – criticising the fact that XR are disrupting the lives of ordinary working class people instead of targeting big corporations.

Do you think that the environmental movement has a problem with class?

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